High streets across the UK have evolved for generations, but, never more so than in recent years. Online sales are booming, and our town centres need to change if they are to survive.

Orpington town centre is no different, and The Walnuts Shopping Centre does not meet the aspirations of the retailers or community it serves. But it can if you support our plans for the future of Orpington.

Our team has undertaken the largest consultation exercise in the Borough and proactively consulted with the community for over two years, with ongoing public consultation starting in March 2020 and major events in June 2020, December 2020, June 2021, and October 2021, and we truly believe that our scheme provides the solutions to make Orpington Town Centre sustainable and positive.

What we are proposing is the biggest investment Orpington has ever had, both private and public.

“Walnuts is so dated and largely empty. If something isn’t done now, the remaining high street will likely not exist in 5 years.”

Orpington resident